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Mariba Village, Kenya Clean Water Project UPDATE

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Pastor Todd Cleppe is excited to bring you the latest progress report from the Mariba Village Clean Drinking Water Project as of January 5th, 2024. We are thrilled to announce that the project has officially commenced and is making significant strides forward. As of now, our dedicated team has successfully drilled 98 meters into the earth. This achievement marks a pivotal step towards reaching our goal of accessing the clean, vast aquifer lying beneath us.

The journey ahead involves drilling an additional 102 meters, but we are filled with hope and determination. Reaching this colossal aquifer is critical for ensuring that Mariba Village has a reliable source of water throughout the year, including the challenging dry months. This endeavor is not just about providing water; it’s about securing life, health, and sustainability for the entire community.

Our mission is to see the day when every resident of Mariba Village can turn on a tap and have access to clean, safe drinking water without fear of scarcity or contamination. This project stands as a testament to what we can achieve together through faith, perseverance, and the generous support of our donors and partners.

We remain committed to keeping you updated on our progress as we continue to drill deeper and closer to our goal. Your continued prayers, support, and encouragement fuel our efforts and bring us closer to transforming the lives of the 1,300 residents of Mariba Village. Together, we are not just drilling a well; we are laying the foundation for a healthier, more hopeful future for an entire community.

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