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Welcome to Rivers of Living Water Ministry

Embracing Spirit & Truth: From Genesis to Revelation

At Rivers of Living Water Ministry, we are dedicated to a journey through the entirety of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, with a heart deeply rooted in the Apostolic tradition. Our ministry is committed to teaching, encouraging, counseling, and empowering church leaders and believers alike to move and live in Spirit and Truth. We believe that the Word of Yahweh is alive and active, capable of transforming lives and communities, guiding us all towards a deeper understanding of faith and practice.

Todd & Maria Cleppe
Apostolic Ministers
Rivers of Living Water Ministry | RLWMinistry | Todd & Maria Cleppe
Rivers of Living Water Ministry | RLWMinistry
Rivers of Living Water Ministry | RLWMinistry | Todd & Maria Cleppe

Our Mission: Beyond Borders

With a heart for the nations, Rivers of Living Water Ministry actively engages in missions, spreading the good news of Yeshua, our salvation, across Israel and East Africa. Our mission extends beyond mere teaching; it is a holistic approach that involves encouragement, counsel, empowerment, healing and deliverance of church leaders. Through these efforts, we aim to instill a robust foundation of Spirit and Truth in communities, fostering growth, resilience, and a deepened faith that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries.

Pioneering Partnership: Shiloh Farm LLC

At the core of our ministry lies an innovative partnership with Shiloh Farm LLC, the agricultural heartbeat that sustains and nourishes not just bodies but spirits. Together, we are pioneering in the realm of sustainable agriculture, marrying ancient wisdom with modern practices to respect our environment while producing wholesome, nutritious food for our community. This partnership symbolizes our commitment to stewardship of the Earth, reflecting our belief in the creation care mandate given by Yahweh.

Rivers of Living Water Ministry | Shiloh Farm | Todd Cleppe Harvesting Sweet Potatoes

Sustainable Practices & Community Involvement

Our vision extends beyond the fields of Shiloh Farm to the very heart of our community. We are passionate about educating and involving local members in sustainable practices and the vital importance of supporting local food systems. Our initiatives aim to foster a sense of responsibility and connection to the land, encouraging a lifestyle that values and promotes environmental sustainability and food sovereignty.

Rivers of Living Water Ministry | RLWMinistry | Todd & Maria Cleppe in Israel

Join us in making a difference

Join Us on This Journey

Rivers of Living Water Ministry invites you to be a part of this transformative journey. Whether you are seeking deep spiritual teaching from the Scriptures, interested in the mission work across Israel and East Africa, or passionate about sustainable agriculture and local food systems, there is a place for you here. Together, we can make a difference, moving in Spirit and Truth, and pioneering a future that honors Yahweh’s creation and His commandments.

Welcome to our community. Welcome to a journey of faith, stewardship, and innovation.


Discover more about our teachings, missions, and how you can get involved. Explore our site to learn about upcoming events, read the latest updates from our missions, and find out how you can join in our agricultural initiatives. Let’s embark on this journey together, fostering a world that moves in Spirit and Truth, nurtured by the land and grounded in the Word of Yahweh.


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